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Soroptimist International of
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Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative of
Soroptimist International of Greater Bremerton Area

Throughout the world, even in Washington State, people are forced to work as prostitutes, laborers, and other workers. Break Free Kitsap is an Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative of Soroptimist International of Greater Bremerton Area and aims to educate the public and raise much needed awareness about
human trafficking in Kitsap County.

Spearheaded by our Greater Bremerton club, Break Free Kitsap was formed in 2011 as a coalition of community partners from across the County. In 2012, Break Free hosted documentary showings, training for law enforcement and other first responders, community presentations and forums throughout all of Kitsap County. Today, our club continues its mission of educating and raising awareness about trafficking by providing resource materials, and offering free community film viewings, workshops, presentations, and trainings.

A current list of community partners, resources and events will be posted here (to the right) when available.

Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls (Source: www.liveyourdream.org)

Sex trafficking or slavery is forcing human beings into any form of commercial sexual exploitation. This includes pornography, prostitution and the sex trafficking of women and girls—characterized by the exploitation of a human being in exchange for goods or money.

Sex slavery is caused by inherent gender inequalities allowing the demand for sex slaves to flourish—the belief that women and girls are sexual objects that can be bought and sold.

Our Daughters, Mothers, Sisters, Friends

Think sex trafficking only occurs someplace far away from where you live? Think again. It exists around the globe and possibly, even in your hometown. Myla, a Soroptimist International Live Your Dream Awards recipient is a trafficking survivor. Here is her story.

Myla was a poor single mother of two and primary care provider for her ill mother. When her neighbor asked her if she would like to work for her, Myla thought her prayers had been answered. She raised enough money to buy a plane ticket from the Philippines to Malaysia, where the alleged job was located. Once there, however, she realized she had been horribly deceived.

Myla was a victim of human trafficking—sexually abused, forced to take drugs, denied food for days. Fortunately, she escaped and after spending months on the streets and in jail in Malaysia, returned home to her family. With the help of the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards, Myla is now working toward a bachelor’s degree in business administration and rebuilding her life. 

STOP Sex Trafficking

To end sex slavery, we use a multi-dimensional approach including raising awareness, advocating for better laws and enforcement, and providing resources and programs like the Live Your Dream Awards to give survivors the opportunity to improve their standard of living for themselves and their families.

We believe there is strength in numbers to raise awareness about trafficking. Because with awareness comes power ... the power to finally put an end to sex slavery.

You can help stop trafficking by sharing the facts, raising awareness on a local and national level, and advocating for legislation that supports survivors. In addition, you can inspire survivors to change their lives by applying for the Live Your Dream Awards!

Learn More

Infographic: Sex Trafficking
Learn shocking statistics of the trafficking, understand modern day slavery and the damaging effects on women and girls.

Check back frequently for information about an upcoming viewing, workshop, training, or event.

Our Community Partners


Through holistic care Scarlet Road offers the hope of freedom to those who have been sexually exploited.



NWCAVE is a national 501 (c)3 non-profit headquartered in Vancouver, WA with offices in Washington, Oregon, Arizona & California. We continue working to inform, educate and prevent violence and exploitation while advocating for justice and accountability for victims and survivors of crime and injustice.

Washington Trafficking Prevention

To prevent human trafficking in Washington State by equipping the vulnerable and engaging communities.  Located in 115 Cleveland Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 561-7616


The Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN) is a coalition of non-governmental organizations that provide direct services to victims of human trafficking in Washington State. Since 2004, WARN has assisted survivors of sex and/or labor trafficking to live out their desired lives without re-victimization. 

*  National Human Trafficking Resource Center 24-Hour Hotline  1-888-373-7888

*  Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network Victim Assistance Line   206.245.0782

Polaris Project

Polaris, is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Named after the North Star, an historical symbol of freedom, Polaris is leading a survivor-centered, justice- and equity-driven movement to end human trafficking. Since 2007, Polaris has operated the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline – 1(888)373-7888 or TEXT “Be Free” 233722 - connecting victims and survivors to support and services, and helping communities hold traffickers accountable…

Shared Hope

Shared Hope International is a non-profit, non-governmental, Christian organization that exists to prevent sex trafficking, and restore and bring justice to women and children who have been victimized through sex trafficking. SHI is part of a worldwide effort to prevent and eradicate sex trafficking and slavery. Headquarters: Vancouver, WA


Soroptimist International of Greater Bremerton Area is a charitable, not-for-profit organization exempt from Federal income tax under

section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, all contributions to the organization are fully tax deductible to the

extent allowed by law. Please consult a tax advisor. 

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